Top five things to consider before your injectable treatment

January 24, 2014 by
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Injectable proceduresAre you thinking about having a cosmetic procedure or have you booked one?

Then this “top five” list is for you!

It can be daunting to undergo an injectable cosmetic procedure such as wrinkle-relaxing injections or soft-tissue fillers, especially if this is your first time. Often you can be worried about doing the right thing, getting a good result and not looking like you’ve had anything done.

We’ve all seen those “pillow faces” in the tabloids!

You can be confident that your ASDS doctor does this every day, has performed the procedure many times and probably had it performed on himself or herself on numerous occasions.

But fear of the unknown is difficult to overcome. So what are the top five things you should consider to make sure you know you’re on the right path?

1. Be clear about what bothers you the most. There are some important questions you should ask yourself before considering an injectable treatment.

To help you, get a friend to take a few photographs of your face. Get one of yourself in a neutral position looking straight at the camera. Then get another of yourself frowning, smiling, pouting and looking up. Out of all of these photos, which one bothers you the most? What is the biggest difference between the photo of you in a neutral position and the other photos?

This is the best way to be objective. It’s much easier for you to judge a photo than to judge yourself in a mirror.

Look where most of your facial lines are. Are they on your forehead, around your eyes or around your mouth? Look to address this area first so you have the greatest chance of getting the result you want.

2. Know your budget. Don’t blow your budget on your first treatment! However, be prepared to make some sort of financial commitment to get the results you want. Once you’ve decided to do an area, do it properly. Putting in only a small amount of product may be cheaper, but you run the risk of not seeing any improvement at all.

At the end of the day, that’s why you’re doing it in the first place.

As well, a smaller dose may not last as long. If you want to address a few areas, then I would suggest you stagger your treatments, especially if your budget is limited.

3. Start small. Find out what your main concern is – your “hot spot” – and treat this first.

Do one area at a time. Get used to your new look. You can always add to this, but it can be hard to reverse the look if you’re not happy. It make take three months to resolve the effects of wrinkle-relaxing injections and nine to 18 months to finalize results of soft-tissue fillers – depending on which filler is used and what area you’re treating.

4. Try to start with an area that has the best chance of success with the lowest complication rate. This would be an area such as the frown lines that are treated with wrinkle-relaxing injections. It is an easy area to have treated, it looks good afterward and is relatively safe to have done. Of course, this depends on where your main lines are!

5. Complement your investment with at-home products such as a good morning and night cream. Include a sunscreen in your morning regimen. There are some great sunscreens that come in a moisturizer and are tinted for everyday use.


Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs, MD, is a dermatologist in practice on Sydney, Australia’s North Shore. She is an American Society for Dermatologic Surgery member and a Fellow of the Australian College of Dermatologists. Dr. Dawes-Higgs is actively involved in teaching and mentoring and has a degree in Medicine and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sydney for her work in Biomechanics of Skin. Visit her website:

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