Reach into your bag of beauty tricks for that… sunscreen

May 8, 2013 by
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If you won’t wear sunscreen to ward off skin cancer, how about wearing it to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free?

If you’re having trouble remembering to apply sunscreen every day, try reminding yourself in a different way – tell yourself that wearing sunscreen helps keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free!American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
This advice might sound a bit egotistical, especially since we are all so used to hearing that sunscreen is important because of its skin cancer protecting abilities. However, a new study has shown that patients are more likely to wear sunscreen when they are motivated by their fear of aging rather than their fear of skin cancer.

In the study presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, teenagers were divided into two groups – one that watched a video focused on health-related reasons to wear sunscreen and another that watched a video focused on appearance-related reasons to wear sunscreen. After the videos, the teenagers who saw the appearance-related video added 2.2 days a week of sunscreen use, where the health-related video watchers only added about 0.3 days.

The study results are surprising – traditionally, campaigns promoting sun safe behavior have always focused on the dangers of skin cancer, especially deadly ones such as melanoma that can quickly spread to other organs in the body. However, these findings suggest that maybe a new approach is in order, especially when it comes to reaching our younger generations.

“Nine out of 10 skin cancers are related to exposure to the sun,” said Timothy C. Flynn, M.D., President of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. “The fact is sunscreen can save your life for whatever reason you decide to use it.”

Been forgetting to apply sunscreen daily? Take heed: there are a lot of ways that too much sun exposure can damage your skin, making it age prematurely. UV radiation increases wrinkles and moles, creates discolored spots or patches and can produce an uneven skin tone and leathery texture. No one wants to look like their grandparents before they are 40!

There is some good news, however. If you have noticed signs of premature aging or sun damage on your skin, a dermatologic surgeon can help. Procedures such as dermabrasion, laser and light therapy, chemical peels, soft-tissue fillers, among others, can easily and non-invasively rejuvenate skin and take years off your appearance. Have you noticed signs of sun-damaged skin? Find an ASDS member dermatologist near you!


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