Considering anti-wrinkle treatments? Ask these important questions first

July 18, 2013 by
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You’ve recently looked in the mirror and decided that you’re finally going to do something to soften your facial wrinkles. That’s great – there’s quite a lot of evidence to show that you feel more confident when you look your best. Who doesn’t want to look their best, right?

Q) So where do you start?

A) With all the right questions. As a dermatologist who also has had anti-wrinkle treatments, I’ve been on both sides of the consultation desk and have asked and answered lots of questions. Here’s an easy guide to the important questions that you will want to answer before going ahead with an anti-wrinkle treatment.Anti-wrinkle treatment

Q) What bothers you the most?

A) Determine the area on your face that needs to be treated to make you look your best. This is important to understand and not always easy to do. It’s important to be clear about this before you see your doctor. Ask a good friend or relative to give you an honest assessment of what area they feel you could improve upon. Alternatively, ask them: What’s my best feature? Determining this lets you know what you don’t need to change.

Once you’ve decided to have an anti-wrinkle treatment, several more questions for your doctor become important. You should write these down beforehand so you won’t forget them when you’re in the doctor’s office. They include:

Q) What anti-wrinkle treatment are they proposing for you? Is it wrinkle-relaxer or filler or a combination of the two?

A) Make sure the doctor is clear about the treatment, and what it will and won’t achieve for you. The treatment you’re seeking may not be a “surgical procedure,” but it still can have risks. So ask:

Q) What should I be concerned about with this treatment?

A) Determine if the risks, no matter how remote, outweigh the benefits. Plan ahead by asking:

Q) What’s the down-time or recovery period for the treatment?

A) Some treatments are “lunch-hour procedures,” and you can go straight back to work afterward. Others you may want to plan for. Scheduling a treatment the day before your school/college reunion may not be the best idea! Some treatments show immediate results while others take a few days, so ask your doctor:

Q) How long will it take to see the results?

A) Wrinkle-relaxing treatments can take a few days to “kick in,” and the full effects may not be visible for up a couple of weeks. Other treatments vary. Get specific by asking:

Q) How long will the effects of the treatment last?

A) The effects of some treatments last longer than others. Know what lies ahead. Not sure what to ask? Then ask:

Q) Do you have an information sheet on this treatment?

A) A printed information sheet about the procedure that your doctor is planning is helpful because you can take it home and think about the treatment. Some doctors will give you a printout of your overall treatment plan that may include other treatments such as cosmeceuticals and peels.

Finally, don’t forget to do your own research as well. Talk to friends and family and learn about the products from  authoritative sources.

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Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs, MD, is a dermatologist in practice on Sydney, Australia’s North Shore. She is an American Society for Dermatologic Surgery member and a Fellow of the Australian College of Dermatologists. Dr. Dawes-Higgs is actively involved in teaching and mentoring and has a degree in Medicine and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sydney for her work in Biomechanics of Skin. Visit her website:

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