Consumers: Dermatologists have greatest influence

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Dermatologists have the training to perform cosmetic medical procedures with excellent results, and that expertise has earned the trust of their patients. In the 2015 ASDS consumer survey, patients and prospective patients say dermatologists have the greatest influence in their decisions to have a cosmetic medical procedure. The percentage of respondents who identified dermatologists as [...]

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ASDS consumer survey reveals preferences, motivations

2015 Consumer Survey infographic

The 2015 ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures provides a treasure trove of data that help explain why half of consumers are considering a cosmetic procedure and to whom they are turning to achieve their desired results. Among the notable revelations: The top three reasons consumers choose cosmetic procedures are to look as young [...]

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More people choosing to never shave or wax again

Laser hair removal

Unwanted hair – no matter where it is located on the body – can make us self-conscious about how we look and what we are wearing. That goes double during summertime when we are enjoying time outdoors, often wearing swimsuits. There are plenty of ways to go about temporarily removing unwanted hair, but permanently removing [...]

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Consumers: Why we’re waiting for cosmetic treatments


While consumers are increasingly interested in cosmetic dermatologic procedures, a new survey reveals some are waiting to pick up the phone and make an appointment not only because of the cost but also because they “may not get the results” they are looking for and don’t know what practitioner to see. One observation addresses all [...]

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